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Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified. All structures removed and replaced with 1/4 c channel 3/8 diamond plate deck. This liftboat is designed to facilitate general requirements of oil field work. Container capacity TEU 450. Survey, gauging report, stability letter, displacement table, ABS Loadline renewal, and load line certificate available. Hydraulic crane: 11 tons with 63' telescopic boom. Built 2006. Tool room located inside the barge. Under Deck Framing: 6" I-Beams - 12" Centers 11 compartmen Used 240ft ABS A! New cost in 2008 was 3.5 Million USD, Never Used, Main Deck: 1/2" plate, Bottom Shell: 3/8" plate, Side Shell: 3/8" plate, Transom: 3/8" plate, Headlog: 3/8" plate, Bulkheads: 3/8" plate. Size: 250 x 72 x 16 Type: Deck Barge Year Built: 2008 Flag: USA Class: ABS / A1 GRT / NRT: 2115 / 634 Max Draft: 12.75 Light Ship Weight: More Info, Asking Price: $2,270,000. driven submersible pump. diameter legs. 1980, Triple Drum, 80 Ton w/ A Counterweight, 17 Tracks, 110' Boom, $100,000 work of internal steel work required (lower portion of the transverse truss framing needs replacing), located Louisiana. Models with more power can handle motors up to an extraordinary 3,800 horsepower, while the most modest, utility models may have as low as 150 . Located Indonesia. Price: $1,200,000 each, 160' x 35' x 7.8' DECK BARGE (Ref#3145b), Built 1961. Galley, (3) refrigerators, (2) freezers, (1) Ice Maker. No certs. Inland Self Propelled work barge with spuds and crane: 900 HP: 60'x24'x6' 2007: Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing: All Rights Reserved, 3000 Passenger / Entertainment Vessel - File# 14182, 5,800 MT 270ft RoRo warehouse Barge - 13130, New Build To Order - 40x10x5 Sectional Barges - 10881, 300ft Classed Bin Wall Deck Barge - 14829, 160ft x 50ft Deck Barge For Charter - 13729, 265ft Ocean Going Deck Barge File 14241bg, Shugart Sectional Barges 40x10x5 - File #14706, 330 x 100Ft 10825 DWT Ocean Deck Barge - 15119. Size: 250 x 58 x 15 Type: Accommodation Barge- 290 man Year Built: 2009 Refit Flag: Vanuatu Class: RMRS GRT: 3,490 Max Draft: 9.84 Deadweight: 1319 LT Equipment: (2) More Info, Asking Price: $Upon Request. Converted and reworked in 2000. (Ref#2495a), Built 2010, 210' x 70' x 14', Ballastable, Non-propelled. GT 979, Capacity 2150 tons. Reportedly in good condition 8025 LT. 3000# psfCoastw Used Heavy Lift Multi-Purpose Vessel Ro-Ro For Sale. Carried 30 rail cars. Rake one end. BARGES Here are some of the barges we currently have listed for sale. (Including crane) Type: Spud/Crane Barge Size: 130 x 52 x 8 Raked bow, Square stern Year Built: 1980s Spuds: (2) 20 x 40 Hydraulic Pulling Unit with winches Crane: Linkbelt More Info, Sale Price: $50,500.00 Built: New 2022 (3-4 weeks to build if not already in-stock) Steel Truckable Barge, Size: 40 x 12 x 4 Plating: All . (2) Hydraulically Deployed. Select. Double hull, single open hopper. Located Louisiana. 12,000 st deck capacity. Refurbished 2016. Located Louisiana Price: $235,000, 107' x 24' x 5'5" BARGE WITH OFFICES (Ref#2856), 107' x 24' x 5'5" BARGE WITH OFFICES (Ref#2856) (2) Offices: (1) seasonal ticket office, (1) main office. (2) available, one barge has 1 spud well, the other has 2. Located Malaysia. These pilings, or spuds, make it possible to provide exceptional surface stability when working in rough environments. Some barges have manholes for inspection. 140' x 40' x 9', (2) spud wells, built to ABS specifications, located Northeast USA Charter Price: $14,000 per month, 140 x 39 x 9 SPUD BARGE (Ref#3883), Manufactured 1981, Modified 2010, Kubota V3600T engine, 80 hp hydraulic, 967 shot tons capacity, steel flat deck with double rake, 40 towers with 2-part line rigging, 48 x 22 spuds, 38 working depth, (2) Gearmatics deck winches 6000 lb each, Solar powered battery system, located Louisiana Price: $500,000, 140' x 35' x 10' DECK BARGE (Ref#1580), 140' x 35' x 10', ex ocean oil barge, rake stern and bow Price: $175,000, 138' x 40' x 12' SPUD BARGE (Ref#3522), Previously a dredge, rake and notch on bow, (2) 24" spud wells, (2) 60' x 24" spuds, 30 x 30 deck house, heavy built (generally 1/2" steel), six water tight comparts, located Louisiana Price: $260,000, 600 ton capacity, located Colombia Available for Charter: $32,000 per month, 135' x 40' x 12' SPUD BARGE (Ref#3057) , Built 1945, (2) splud 36" x 60', located California Price: $300,000, Dimensions: 135' x 35' x 8' 230' x 64' x 14', draft minimum 1.9', draft max 11'. Crew quarters for six men. Vessels for Charter Hire . mpp deck barge for container carrying heavy project for sale - 2021 / 2022 blt china, 960 teu, 20k dwt, flat top, self propelled, bow bridge . Located New England. Size: 125 x 48 x 9 Type: Spud Barge Location: Louisiana USA, Asking Price: $Upon Request. Located: San Francisco Bay. Self-propelled container barges - Ship Photos and Ship Data. Electronics, communications, navigation. Subscribe Now Search: FILE NO. 20' x 10' x 8', 500lbs/sqft capacity. Vessels for Charter Hire . 40' x 12' x 4-1/2'. With over 34 fully equipped spud barges as old as 1978 and built as recently as 2022, we've got the right floating platform for your project. The doors are hinged on the top, so the weight of the cargo pushes them out to the side, and then they return to their vertical position after dumping. Price: Price Match Details Call . Size: 250 x 80 x 16 Type: Deck Cargo barge (Tanks suitable for carrying ballast water) Year Built: 2007 Flag: USA Class: ABS / A1 GRT / NRT: 2305 / More Info, Asking Price: $Upon Request. Dry cargo ships. Size: 160 x 35 x 7.8. Raked on both ends, 2 skegs on stern. Jacking system: Dual hydraulic cylinders. (2) 24" FlexiFloat spud pockets, (2) 70' x 24" FlexiFloat spuds, raising mechanism, power not available. Main office plumbed for heat with natural gas furnace, central a/c, plumbed for toilet. 7 transverse bulkhead, 2 longitudinal. Please call for others. Has been used to haul 36,000lbs. Used when there is work. per More Info, Asking Price: $Upon Request. Located South USA. 12 compartments. Year Built: 1957 (Nashville Bridge) Jack-ups, also known as self-elevating platforms (SEPs), are barges, propelled or non-propelled, which rise above the water on hydraulically powered legs or piles. Capacity 5300 ton. Spud Barges for Sale. Used in construction industry. Damco Marine has 25 Crane Barges For Sale for sale in our current online inventory. Price: $100,000, JACK UP BARGE (Road Transportable) (Ref#683) Year of Build 2007 / 2008. $100,000 to certify as ABS Price: $950,000, 180' x 54' x 12' PIPE LAY / BURY BARGE (Ref#1564a). 343' x 94' x 25.5', loaded draft: 12.6', light draft 3'. Mooring Winches 4 Nos. ABS A1, Loadline. Barge 473 Price: $ 1,350,000 Length (ft): 120 Asking Price: $1,350,000. 6195 ships and 20330 photos online. In good operation. We will save you time and money. GT 641, NT 192. curobj.q.value="site:"+domainroot+" "+curobj.qfront.value Price: $925,000, Built 2015. Self Propelled Barge; Floating Dry Docks; PASSENGER. (2) 30" spud wells. 2023dwt Self-Propelled Barges. Anchor 4 Sets (Each 3 Tons) Located Great Lakes. 69' x 25' x 6', clear deck 27' x 19'. Its European certificate is valid until 2030. Used like new 250' x 72' steel deck barge for sale. Size: 120 x 55 x 7 Type: Inland Spud Barge Year Built: 2004 Flag: USA Net / Gross Tons: 388 Light Ship Weight: 250 LT (254 Metric Tons) Approximate Transverse Bulkhead: More Info, Asking Price: $735,000. Newly Listed 36 Passenger Deck/Barge Boat Reduced $ 205,000 Type: Aluminum Crew/Deck Boats Horsepower: 600 HP Dimensions (LxWxD): 36'x10'x3.5" Year Built: 2009 Class: USCG COD Location: Gulf of Mexico-Florida Last Updated: January 25, 2023 Size: 330 x 100 x 20 Type: Flat Top Ballastable Deck Barge Year Built: 2005 Flag: USA GRT / NRT: 4814 / 1441 Deadweight: 11,810 LT Deck Loading: 3,000 lbs More Info, Asking Price: $Upon Request. 5,000lb/sq ft. Located Ohio. Located northern Mississippi River. Norfolk County Ontario, Canada. Thanks for subscribing, stay tuned for the latest vessels and news from Damco Marine in your inbox! Hydraulic spuds: 12" x 12" x 40'. It can transport, store and assemble multiple Fugro assets at offshore project locations. Self-propelled HB #296 Price: $ 630,000 Length (ft): 65 Asking Price: $630,000. Now out of water, looks good. As versatile as the demands placed upon them, barges are often used for storage, construction, and even housing workers. 23,500 lbs plate pin together with 2 solid pins, (4) Pad eyes on each barge (2) Pinning spots. Bow raked. Cargo Hold 16mm. 3 spud wells (spuds extra). Helipad on board.&n Used Deck cargo flat top barge For Sale.Built 2001 101' x 96' Deck - Crane Barge For Sale.101 long x 96 wide x 18 depth,139 Diagonal length between corners,weight 962.4 long Used 270ft Ocean Going Deck Barge For Sale. 60 x 30 Self-Propelled Spud Barge Commercial Boats for Sale over $99999 in Dunnville Ontario by owner, dealer, and broker. has 6 transverse bulkheads and 3 longitudinal 28 compartments. Designed for 300-500T cranes with crane mats. Several are still in service. Price: $1,400,000, 250' x 72' x 16' FLAT DECK BARGE (Ref#2974) Built 1994, ABS Class. It is ideal for survey work supporting coastal infrastructure, oil and gas pipelines, marine renewables, cable routes, island . Barge power 100KW diesel gen-set. 1995 Commercial Boats 30' Steel Landing Craft te koop Commercial Boats. Cargo capacity at load line 5312 ton. 6 point mooring system. 6' off the bed. Price: $1,250,000, 140' x 40' x 9' FLAT DECK SPUD BARGE (Ref#2819), New, never used. Lightship weight 303 LT. Not US Flag. Type: Spud Barge Size: 120 x 30 x 7 Raked bow & stern Builder: Conrad Year Built: 2010 Spuds: (2) 40 (18x18) Hydraulic Pulling Unit: John Deere Winches: (2) More Info, Asking Price: $Make Offer. Price: $290,000, 120' x 30' x 7' FLAT DECK BARGE (Ref#2715), (3) available. Located Tennessee. Has pad eyes for picking. Knuckles: 5/8" Formed Cargo capacity at loadline: 226 ton. (Including crane) Type: Spud/Crane Barge Size: 130 x 34 x 7 Raked bow & stern Year Built: 1980s Spuds: (2) 14 x 50 Hydraulic Pulling Unit with winche Day Quarters/Office More Info, Asking Price: $upon request Size: 100 x 48 x 7.5 **17 Beds** Steel hull Self-propelled spud barge Crane: 25 ton Year Built: 1979 Clear Deck: 2,600 sq ft of usable space Spuds: (2) 45 More Info. You have a pending information request on Vessels. Size: 69 x 25 Draft: 6 ***In Great Condition**** Type: Steel hull Self-propelled spud barge Year Built: 2007 Horsepower: 900 Eye Level: 23 Speed: 12 knots Hydraulic Spuds: (2) 12x12x40 More Info, Asking Price: $650,000. Reportedly in very good condition. Asking Price: $Upon Request Dimensions: 86 x 108 x 6 (2 Sections 86 x 54 x 6) Year Built: 2014 Lifting Capacity: 1050 tons Construction: 3/8 plate 100% seal welded Internal Coating: More Info, Asking price: $450,000. Lift Boats and Jack Up Barges For Sale - Vessels For Sale - Ship Sales - List Your Vessel with Horizon Ship Brokers, Inc. . SPUDS 24 x 24 x 40 Spud barge available for sale, charter or lease purchase. New Zincs, new antifoul paint. Deck Loading: 3000 lbs/square foot Cargo Capacity: 5,500 ST 6: Transverse Bulkheads 3: Longitudinal Bulkheads 28 Compartments. Often used for dredging and other inland applications, spud barges are an important part of our offshore construction infrastructure. Asking Price: $235,000. Internal Bracing: 2 x 3 x 1/4 angle More Info, Asking Price: $318,000. Priced: $155,000 with 1 spud, $170,000 with 2 spuds. Barges for Sale, Flat Top Barges for Sale, Self Propelled Barges for Sale NEW AND USED BARGES Last updated : Thursday 2nd of March 2023 If you have vessels to sell or you want to buy vessels or you cannot find the type of vessel that you are looking for, please contact us on email or call +65 97768837. draft. Located Tennessee. Ex Oil Barge, clean and in good condition. Located Louisiana. Ex Single Skin 6,130 bbls Tank Barge converted to a Deck More Info. deck load 2000# per sq ft. 4 traverse and 2 longitudinal bulkheads. Ocean Marine offers fishing vessels of all types - ranging from Shrimpers, Draggers to Long liners. Weve got crane barges for sale over here. Located Louisiana. Can drive 60' piles. The following vessels on this web site are just a sample of what we have to offer. Located Missouri. Class: Polish Registry of Shipping - Laid up. Self Propelled Jack Gantry Lift for sale, Quality Marine self propelled boat barges on sale of UniSite group limited from China. (4) 45 spuds Total size is 54 x 30 More Info, Price: $2,250,000. (2) Spuds/ Used 145ft ABS Deck Barge For Sale. Inland / river ships. million (The crane will not go with the barge. 20' x 8' x 4', 8,000lbs each. Pin-connected 4 per side, 2 per end. Located Virginia. Our used spud barge inventory starts at just $165000. 2023, Damco Marine Management, Inc, All Rights Reserved. Lee Felterman & Associates has over 40 years experience in buying, selling, and brokering a wide variety of marine equipment. 195,000 EUR. Stern ramp capacity 80mt. The barge is a 2013 new build heavy construction flat deck barge in ABS Class. Reported in good condition. China ID: . Price: $520,000.00 Price Match Details Call 5,800 MT 270ft RoRo warehouse Barge - 13130 Used 5,800 MT on 25ft draft Deck Ro-Ro Warehouse Barge For Sale. Raked Bow & Stern. Approx cost to transport to the Atlantic Ocean from the Great Lakes is $300,000 only used in fresh water, excellent condition. Tanks are dry. Ready for use. Quick action is required due to the eminent closing of the St. Lawrence Seaway until Spring 2023. Asking Price: $450,000. Size: 120 x 30 x 7 Light Draft: 3 Year Built: 2012 Flag: USA Type: Steel hull spud barge Clear Deck Space: 70 x 30 Deck Load: 190 Tons Fuel capacity: More Info, Asking Price: $685,000. Located Arkansas. Office located on deck of the barge. Call Rick (415) 601-1024 BUILDING SECTIONAL BARGES & Push Boats. GT 141, NT 141. When sold will have current ABS and US Flag Price: $2,300,000 Charter price: $1800 per day, 180 x 54 x 12.5 DECK BARGE (Ref#3911), Built 1977, 9 load draft, 2.5 light draft, height 12, 1500 psf deck strength, 1047 net tonnage, 2000 short ton as built full load capacity, built ABS but no longer ABS requires approx. Located Rocky Mountains, USA. You have a pending information request on Vessels. Located Northeast US. Size: 330 x 100 x 20 Type: Flat Top Ballastable Deck Barge Year Built: 2010 Flag: USA GRT / NRT: 4951 / 1485 Deadweight: 10,826LT Deck Loading: 4,000 lbs. Call us to get a quote on what your particulars wanted and what more > View Details. 230' x 40' x 11.5'. Price: $4,200,000, 185 x 45 x 12 FLAT DECK BARGE (Ref#3953), 2000 ton capacity, originally slotted barge for drilling rig, slot plated over, (2) longitudinal bulkhead, small rake, located Louisiana Price: $725,000, 180' X 70' X 10' CRANE BARGE (Ref#1842), No crane equipment crane equipment has been removed. Reportedly in good operating condition. Ranging on average between 40 long all the way up to 200 spud barges can operate in a range of conditions and types of water. $150,000 each barge, 5 hours sailing time to drydock, currently in water, located Mid South East Coast USA. Phone 519-583-1636. General cargo ships. 40' spuds. Plate thickness: Deck 1/2", Bottom 3/8", Stern 3/8", Rake 1/2". Light ship weight 280 LT. DWT 1261. Includes 2017' 40' gooseneck trailer, custom made, raised neck 1ft , low boy triple axle. Size: 300 x 80 x 18 Type: Deck Barge with Bin Walls Year Built: 2010 Flag: Vanuatu Class: Rina GRT / NRT: 3105 / 931 Max Draft: 14.13 Light Ship Weight: More Info, Asking Price: $Upon Request. Ramps and spud poles available at extra cost, 170' x 50' DECK BARGE (Ref#680) 170' x 50', 6" heavy duty concrete deck, crane tracking beams, located Alaska Price: $420,000, 170' x 30' x 7.6' SPUD BARGE (Ref#3145a), Built 1961. The Netherlands ID: 3755. The barge is tight and dry and ready for use. Formerly self propelled car ferry. Newly Listed SDB 552 Inland Spud Barge with Spuds and Pulling Unit $ 545,000 Type: Inland Spud Barge with Pulling Unit Dimensions (LxWxD): 120'x40'x7' Year Built: 2006 Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana Last Updated: May 8, 2021 View Details (Crane & Other Equipment on Barge Not Included) 160' x 35' x 7.8', GT 365, NT 365. Full Details Bottom & Side Framing: 6" Channels A quiet, battery-powered, walk behind lawn mower that represents the first self-propelled model within the STIHL AK Series. (2) Sectional Barges Asking Price: $125,000 for the set of (2) Size: 40' x 10'8" x 4'8" " plate pin together with 2 solid pins Weight: 23,500 lbs per barge Coat: Paint System epoxy . Currently operating in Louisiana. Located Caribbean. Fitted wi used steel loadlined jumbo hopper/deck barge for sale. Price: $35,000 each, 40' x 10' x 5' SECTIONAL BARGE (Ref#1904)Shugart style, one year old, in water for one year, sandblasted, painted, excellent condition, located Illinois Price: $33,500, (2) 40 x 16 x 4 SECTIONAL BARGES (Ref#3634b) Like new - used once Price: $100,000, 20' X 10' X 8' SECTIONAL BARGES (Ref#3432b), Manufactured 1970s. Size: 180 x 72 x 12 Type: Steel re-enforced, concrete production barge Year Built: 2008 Bulkheads: (2) longitudinal & (5) transverse Compartments: (16) Production deck is located atop (48) 20 x 20 More Info, Sale Price: $39,500.00 Built: new 2022 (3-4 weeks to build if not already in stock) Type: Steel Truckable Barge Size: 30 x 12 x 3 Plating: All Internal Bracing: 2 x 3 x More Info, Asking Price: $600,000. Revolving type Derrick Crane Electro -Hydraulic Driv Shugart Sectional Barges 40x10x5 In good condition Used in Fresh Water. Deck is covered by warehouse, giving 259x72.5 130' Class Lift Boat For Sale. 36 X 10 SELF-PROPELLED MATERIALS BARGE (Ref#3873), 225 hp Mercury engine, steering wheel, bilge pump, includes 3 axle trailer with 2-6/15 ball hook, 2 spare tires, good condition, ready for use, located Western Louisiana Price: $14,500, SECTIONAL BARGES FOR CHARTER (Ref#3942) located Kentucky, 40 x 10 x 7 (34) Price for minimum 6-month charter $110 per day rasoi restaurant edison,